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Freelance Service Providers - Get hired for local gigs

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Are you are a skilled freelance service provider looking for local job? Create your profile and get hired.

Step 1

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You don’t have to spend hours to create your account and profile. Just few fields to fill up.

Step 2

Apply for the job


Choose the job you like according to your expertise and budget provided by the home owner.

Step 3

Talk and get hired


Answer project creator's queries, see if the job suits you, agree and get hired.

Step 4

Complete the job


Try to finish the job well in time and within the agreed budget. It always works in your favour.

Step 5

Get Paid


Once the job is done to the project creator's satisfaction, the project owner will directly pay you. We do not handle payments.

Step 6

Ask for a review


Once paid, please ask the project creator to rate & review your work. It helps in future projects.

Homeowners - Hire the top-rated service providers

Save $$ by dealing directly

Hire the best freelance service provider in your locality in minutes.

Search or Post a Job

First create your profile/account and you are ready to post a job.

Choose from hundreds

Freelancers will apply for your job. Choose the freelancer that suits the job.

Accept Proposal

Check their past rating and review and choose the best based upon proposal.

Get the job done

Let the freelancer finish the job to your satisfaction & then project is completed.

Pay Directly

Once the job is done, pay the freelancer. We do not handle payments.

Provide rating & review

Once paid, please provide a rating and review for the freelancer's work.

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A marketplace to get hired for local gigs.

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